For Those of Us Who Secretly Enjoy Frogging…

I have a slightly obsessive personality as it is, and when I first picked up knitting I became a COW (cast-on-whore). Not because I enjoyed beginning new projects, but because I’d get a few rows of stockinette in, and suddenly grow incredibly fearful of messing up. I remember my first dropped stitch like it was yesterday (it was basically yesterday), and I pulled that needle out and began the thrilling act of frogging! HOLY CRAP, it felt amazing! Just taking your frustrations out by erasing all the work you’d just done and starting over.

And then I grew up.

Frogging isn’t always fun, it’s a horrible consequence of f^%@$ing up, but once you move past your feeling of failure, there is a certain beauty in being able to try again. We’re a little wiser, a little more determined, and a little more at peace with our yarn.

I’m not saying we should frog willy nilly, but maybe it’s not such a bad thing to pull a particularly challenging project back a bit, and start over fresh.

Every frog should be a lesson, and lets be honest… it’s kinda fun!

#humblebrag #froggingbrag


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