When Real Life Gets In The Way

I have not updated in a bit, but worse than admitting that, is admitting that my knitting has suffered due to my overbooked schedule.

I am currently performing in one show while rehearsing another, and while I can get a few rows in here and there during rehearsal, my mind will wander and I will somehow add stitches, drop stitches, and other general fuckery.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for “mindless knitting” projects? I just recently cast on this beautiful scarf featuring a Garter stitch and even so, I’m finding errors left and right. Perhaps I’m better off only knitting when focused.

Also reaching out to the Knittersphere, does anyone know of a beautiful, squishy, tonal (TONAL) baby/barely/pink worsted weight yarn? I’m also open to barely-there-greens or any other slightly washed out, one toned skeins. It’s for said Garter scarf.


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