Knitting Friendships > Regular Friendships

I am blessed with wonderful friendships. My semi-nomadic lifestyle has left me with a lot of long distance relationships that are rich in history, and serve as little time capsules of who I was when those friendships weren’t so locationally challenged. Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed making others feel appreciated and understood, and yes, I have friends who reciprocate, but for the most part, I’m the thoughtful friend.

Until I was left speechless by a new friend’s kindness this weekend:
Chelsea and I worked together briefly at a bar and bonded over very random things (dance, Vermont, beer, short hair?) We were acquaintances at best, but somewhere along the line we kept running into each other, kept following each other on social media, and then came the knitting posts. Chelsea began posting about her beautiful knitting projects just as I had decided to teach myself how to knit. (In retrospect you may have already been posting stuff, but I only started noticing when I became interested in it?) Our friendship sort of exploded because of those posts. I mean, we’d text every single day about stitches, yarns, podcasts, patterns, stitch markers ETC. to the point where I now consider her a true, lasting friend.

This weekend she came to see me perform in a kid’s show (Freckleface Strawberry), and if it wasn’t enough that she sat through and enjoyed an hour of children’s theater, she brought me a bag of GOODIES. I’m not talking chocolates or flowers or a card, I’m talking a bag of mini skeins that her and her mother wound for me. A bag with a Rose City Rollers pattern, some wonderful handmade soap, and a full skein of Regia for said pattern. I was flabbergasted!

And then I began noticing a trend, knitters are generous, thoughtful humans who enjoy making others feel good! It’s why we knit! I’m so glad I’ve found this community!

TLDR: Knitters make hella good friends, and I’m pretty friggin’ lucky.


One comment

  1. chelsea.stokes · June 2, 2015

    ily. plain and simple. also…HAIR! ❤


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