My Biggest Yarn Store Gripe

Before I get to my mini rant, I need to set this up for you all:

I work weird hours during the week, so come Sunday, I’m ready to have “me” time. This said “me” time, usually involves blowing too much money at a yarn store and me subsequently spending hours staring at it’s squishy-ness before deciding on a project. There is only one problem with this, (my boyfriend, Robert, would argue that there are many problems with this scenario… anyway), YARN STORES HATE BEING OPEN ON SUNDAYS!

Look, I understand that people have families and lives and religious obligations etc. But damn it! Even with my background in theater, I completely understand having an industry wide “dark day”, for resting and catching up with your fellow performers/knitters, but does it have to be Sundays?

Sundays are days that were basically designed specifically for crafting. It’s as if the world slows down and appreciates it all, even the mountains of glitter you leave behind when you’re making Christmas ornaments. Sundays are when my Robert is distracted with Football and I can sit on the couch and pretend to care while I cast on a new shawl. As a knitter I understand why crafters would want to have Sundays off, as a businesswoman I see a niche that is severely under served.

If anyone owns a yarn store and is reading this, I challenge you to run an experiment. Choose a month in the calendar year to open Sundays, advertise the heck out of being open on those four Sundays and gauge how much traffic you receive. I think you might be pleasantly surprised at just how many crafty peeps will visit you.

/end rant.

WIPs  :

Sunlight Shawl for Sad People (RETRY in Madeline Tosh Sock: Jade) 40% completed
Dice Bag (in some unknown wool I found at Commestock and Ferry: yellow) 50% completed
Speed Bump Socks ( Paton’s Kroy: Ragg Stripes : Sock 1) 5% completed
Outdoors (Paton’s Wool in a bunch of colors) 5% completed


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