I’ve always thought of creativity as a muscle that required work, like it should be trained and fueled properly to reach it’s maximum potential. So naturally I gravitate towards projects that encourage that kind of work. I’ve recently purchased The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and though I have yet to actually begin the grueling sounding twelve week program, I’ve adopted one if it’s core teachings in my short perusal.  The “Morning Pages” as she calls them, are her corner stone for beginning the unblocking of our creativity before beginning the real work. The general idea is that one sits down upon waking and quietly free-writes for three whole pages (front and back). Let me be the first to tell you, IT IS TERRIBLE! It is so difficult to sit there silently and write non-stop for three pages, I’ve written “I’m sleepy” over and over until my brain wandered on to something else. In a world where we’re so consumed by every kind of distraction available, it’s unsettling to sit with your brain and a notebook while chugging your first cup of coffee, but it is incredibly necessary.

It’s probably a placebo effect, or it’s having to get up earlier to accomplish my pages before going to work, whatever it is, it’s made me sensitive to that little voice in my heart that says “hey it’s totally cool to spend a few minutes staring up at the sky and making cloud shapes today.”

There is also something about summer that lends itself to retrospection and an influx of creativity for me. The hazy, lazy, days encourage me to slow down. There is just something about the particular noise in the air on a ridiculously hot summer afternoon, it’s the sound of a fan running, or of children playing, or of a bug buzzing in my ear, that makes me want to contribute to the world.

… … …

I say all this to justify that I’ve been knitting my hands off this week!!!! Like WIPs be DAMNED, I will have at least one FO this weekend and I could not be prouder. My right thumb requires more moisturizer than should be legal, my hands are hurting, and I broke a needle (intense), I’m just a happy little knitter.

WIPs :

Speed Bump Socks on Paton’s Kroy Ragg: 30% fininshed.
Sunshine Shawl : 40% fininshedClassic Vanilla Socks (with k3p1 ribbing, for Rob) : 40% finished.
Wisp on Kidgloss/Kidsilk (for Laura): 20% finished

Dice bag for Dana


One comment

  1. V o n n a · August 19, 2015

    I was amused by the broken needle account because I started a project a while back that due to me knitting more speedier than prior my needle dug under my pointer finger on the occasional times I used it to push my left needle back and my yarn forward. After it healed and the pain subsided I felt like I had reached some sewing badge of honor but the knitting equivalent.


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