The Last Dregs of Summer

Ah, summer. Summer is like a horrible ex-boyfriend to me. I thoroughly enjoy missing it during the colder months, but when we get back to each other, I am suddenly aware of how ill fitting we were in the first place. I’ve enjoyed lovely days spent in the sun, by a pool, and days spent driving with the windows down, the wind dancing in my hair, but when it boils down to it, I am a person who enjoys winter and all of its gezellig.

I was born on a tropical island, known for its weather and beautiful beaches, so naturally people always question me about choosing to move up North, and I always reply with this: “There is only so much clothing you can take off to battle the heat.” I think discovering knitting was a natural progression for someone who deeply enjoys layering it on, as opposed to stripping it off. Something about taking that warm, delicious yarn between my fingers and creating something that will sit flush against the skin to provide warmth and comfort is both sexy and thoroughly rewarding.

Yes, I just described knitting as “sexy.” Obviously not every project carries that connotation, but there is a sort of satisfaction that I get from knowing that someone is going to use the object for warmth. And now I sound like a giant creep!

Creepiness aside (how did we even get there?!), creating garments to combat chilliness is something that resonates so strongly with me, much in the way that sad ballads and break up songs are always on my playlists. Is knitting as masochistic as listening to Death Cab for Cutie while staring out the window during a thunderstorm? Probably not. But it sure as hell warms my heart just as much.

I can’t say I’m not entirely sad to see summer go, we had some great times, but as the nights get longer and air grows colder, my heart begins to yearn for the coziness of evenings spent with great company in front a fire, knitting and chatting and sharing, because there is no where else we’d rather be.


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