Westknits (and Rob) Changed My Life

Okay, so perhaps the header is a bit dramatic, but it’s true and I’ll tell you how!

I picked up knitting as a way to unwind while still creating something useful. I enjoy learning, I enjoy quiet time, and I deeply enjoy beauty, and I feel knitting is like a big amalgamation of all those things and more! BUT, I am a self proclaimed C-OW (Cast-on Whore,) that can’t seem to stay on a project long enough to fully complete it. I thought it might be “Second Sock Syndrome” for the longest time, but I’ve since stopped knitting socks and now the problem has grown out of literal proportions. I am out of project bags to house my half completed items and if I take up one more square inch of our apartment with WIPs Rob might light it all on fire.

Enter Westknits 2015 MKal : The Doodler

I was apprehensive about beginning this project, even going so far as to pose a question about it on Ravelry, but after some chatting with Chelsea (and sneakily waiting to see everyone’s finished Clue 1), I decided I was in! Eyelets? Psh, gotcha. I-cord edging? Iiiiinteresting! Getting to use my new Hedgehog Fibres yarn in a fun new pattern? SOLD.

So I happily caked up my yarn, lugged it with me in my carry-on to my Miami vacation and eagerly cast on at my mom’s home… and then cast on again… and again…I had to cast on four times before finally getting it right. I kept misreading, or knitting incredibly tightly, or losing counts and getting fed up, but I trudged on! I kept tinking and frogging and restarting, and with each time I felt stronger and more confident. I’ve never truly felt like a knitter who had instincts to follow, but this casting on process has shown me that I do have at least some general knowledge of what I’m doing, finally.

I grew a bit disillusioned as the clues kept getting released and I was (and am still) so far behind, there were even times when I was sure I wasn’t going to finish but, being the thoughtful man that he is, Rob talked me off the ultimate f*ck-it-all ledge. He surfed Instagram and found photos of some of the beautiful finished Doodlers out there and kept tagging me in them. He pointed out that I’d never done cable knitting before and could use the ease with which the pattern was written to my advantage and learn cabling from Stephen West’s instructions! And so, it is through his coercion that I am picking up my Doodler today and will continue knitting with a new vigor and determination.

I never thought I’d actually quote Barney Stinson, but “[knitting] Challenge accepted!”

And that’s how Westknits changed my life… sorta.



GreenbugKnits’ The Doodler





  1. Midnight Knitter · December 1, 2015

    I love your colors. I bought Doodler and have yarns lined up but I’m so buried in Christmas knitting it may have to wait until next year. That means I get to see all the finished ones first. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. greenbugknits · December 1, 2015

    Oooh it would make such a good New Year knit too! Good luck with the Christmas knitting, I think next year will be the year I finally gift my knits, as of now they’re solely for me lol.


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