The Weight of UFOs

First off, hello to all the new knitters stopping by! I have to give a thankful shout out to the ladies of Legacy Knitz! They are probably 50% responsible for my success as a knitter, and now they’re responsible for about 50% of the new traffic on this site, and I’m entirely grateful!

Secondly, it has been too long since my last post, and so much has gone on since then. I’ve had an Instagram rant about the differences between “throwers” and “pickers”, I’ve bought way too much yarn, I’ve connected with so many other knitters, etc. So yeah, welcome back and sit tight:


As a new knitter, now officially one calendar year old, I am constantly experiencing new things. Most recently I was able to correct a dropped stitch for myself, no YouTube needed! Sure it wasn’t perfect, but using that part of my brain, the one that now sort of understands the mechanics of knitting has felt like using a muscle I never knew I had. One of the other “muscles” I’m working on is the mental capacity to fight boredom. I said it! I said projects can be boring sometimes! I know it’s taboo to utter those words aloud, much less in print, but it needs to be said to be honest about this post.

I AM GROWING BORED!  (I can’t help the drama, it’s in my bones)

To clarify, I am not growing bored of knitting, not even a little bit! I am bored of working through items to completion. I am bored of having an item on my needles that has become a chore to finish rather than a joy to work on. It has nothing to do with the pattern, nothing to do with the selection of yarn and colors, and everything to do with my obsession for “new,brighter,different.”

Guys, it’s been a struggle to work through The Doodler for me. It’s just so friggin large and I’m so ready to never utter those words again, and I LOVE the pattern! I love WestKnits, and his creativity inspires me to continue trudging, but I am actively having to work my brain around the nagging desire to cast on something else. I don’t even know what!

Which bring me to a thought that’s been aiding me in my quest to FINISH (dammit): The physical weight of a large project on a set of needles is nothing compared to the emotional weight of an unfinished object. The disappointment in never finishing, the feeling of “giving up”, the waste of a lot money in both the pattern’s purchase and the super luxe yarn I’ve got to have, far outweighs the tangible heaviness of a project. So… boredom be damned, I am picking up those needles this afternoon to continue wedge 3 of the third clue of The Doodler, and at the end of the project, I’m casting on something in the chunkiest yarn I can find and finishing an object in one evening’s time!


The Doodler by Stephen West of  WestKnits : Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles :80% DONE!

The Boyfriend Hat by Purl Soho: Purl Soho Line Weight

I highly encourage everyone to introduce themselves on the Knerdz page! I want to get to know all of you who visit!





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