Voolenvine, The Doodler, and #joiningthecircus

First things first: Hey new comers, don’t worry you haven’t missed anything, but on the off chance that you’ve got a few minutes to spare, you can scroll down and read my totally fabulous blog posts about knitting, and even get to know a bit about me on¬†my… About Me page ūüėČ !

WHOOF! WHAT A WEEKEND! There is a ton of information to cover, so I’ve got a bunch of photos to keep you all entertained while I try to make sense of my weekend of “Firsts.”

Many of you may know, that I’ve struggled through my Doodler. I cast on during my vacation in Florida in November, and was so excited to see Clue 1 blossom under my crossing needles. As the weeks, short rows, and eyelets went by, each clue brought with it a new set of challenges for a newbie like me;¬†the shaping of clue 1, clue 2 and the cabling, the sheer volume and monotony of 500+¬†stitches,¬†the final design choices, etc. This project wasn’t for the faint of heart, and many a time I found myself having to put it down, refocus (sometimes cry a little), and ultimately psych myself up to pick up wherever the hell I’d just left off. So it is with an immense amount of pride that I present to you all, my finished Doodler in all it’s purple Hedgehogian glory (friggin FINALLY):¬†image

I will be the first to admit that there are more than a few mistakes in this piece. I dropped stitches and picked them back up in a wonky way, I maybe didn’t do the right number of y0’s in clue 3 so it may be off, blah blah blah. IT IS BEAUTIFUL and incredibly large, and I love it more than anything.


This weekend also brought me to Westfield, NJ to visit my very own Yarn Dealer/ Extraordinaire, Karen of Do Ewe Knit for Kristin of Voolenvine’s Trunk Show. HOLY CRAP it was magical! But before we end up in Jersey, I think it’s only fair that I relive a little of my trip with the (in)famous ladies of Legacy Knitz:


From 1:30 – 3:30¬†am the “night ” before our voyage, I was knee, elbow, thighs, needles and 300 stitches deep into¬†binding off on the monstrous Doodler, in a last minute effort to get it finished for the following morning. I failed, guys. At 4am I stumbled into bed, bleary eyed and upset, and as soon as my head hit the pillow, my alarm clock went off to wake me up for the trip.

Enter Chelsea and Sue! I can’t tell you how much I love these girls. Aside from being awesome podcasters, they’re such funny, kind, and talented women that the ride was bound to be filled with hilarity and knitting and love! What we didn’t expect was Ally’s (my) childhood motion sickness to make a dramatic appearance. I didn’t puke, I promise, but I’m pretty sure I tried my hardest to cover it up and in doing so might have almost passed out. A chewable Dramamine a few hours later, and we were IN NEW JERSEY!

If you have a chance to make the pilgrimage out to Do Ewe Knit, you won’t be disappointed in it’s yarn selection and in the fun you’ll have with owner and self admitted Hedgehog addict, Karen. It was Karen’s belated birthday celebration (happy birthday!!): ¬†image

and, and, and it was Kristin of Voolenvine’s TRUNK SHOW! We arrived shortly after the initial frenzy to find a paltry ten skeins left (if that), in every single colorway we’d wanted, in a variety of bases! I swear, the Knit Gods were shining down on us that day. As we sort of, scooted our way around the SUPER full event, we met with and hugged a bunch of incredible knitters. Almost everyone was wearing knitwear they’d made and¬†they were¬†stuh-ning! As we chatted, we found small circles and interjected into conversations about colleges, and pizza, and of course yarn. I could spend a whole day listing the amazing people I met, but I’ve got too many podcasts to watch. Speaking of podcasts, I got to share some couch time with¬†Sharon of TVKnittingStichMistress¬†. She was so funny and knowledgeable that if felt like an impromptu class man, and then she pulled out a spindle and a beautiful hunk of fiber and began a spinning demo. TALK ABOUT FABULOUS! I don’t even know how it happened, but I think I misheard Sharon say that spinning was making her consider joining the circus, and the hashtag was born. Yesterday taught me that in a way, knitting and knittERS in particular, are their own little “circus”. We are colorful, and bring joy to others, we enjoy the life behind the mysticism, and we maaaaaay be a lil kooky. But we love each other, and we support each other. We understand how only those with big hearts gravitate towards painstakingly crafting one of a kind gifts for loved ones. *Sigh* Here I am romanticizing knitting again!

Here’s Chelsea relishing in her purchases:


I can’t end my Jersey talk without mentioning just how wonderful it was to finally get my hands on some Voolenvine. The yarn is delicious and smushy and beautifully saturated, yes all of the things, but really I was super impressed with the woman behind it all. Kristin was so funny¬†ya’ll! If her podcast didn’t want to make you befriend her immediately and sequester her into joining your knitting group, meeting her definitely will put you over the ledge! So keep your eyes peeled for her future endeavors, and if we learned anything from our voyage: GET THERE EARLIER THAN EVERYONE ELSE!

Here’s the best couch¬†chat¬†to ever exist:


And just as we were leaving, the KG’s shed their light on us once more, and Karen received a long awaited package from Molly of A¬†Homespun House! It was filled with a bajillion skeins of Molly’s beautiful yarn all the way from Germany! (Side note: Karen and Molly sold out of Mirth before we unpacked it all. WHOOPS!)

Jersey, out.

I hope this post inspires someone to attend a knitting event, get out there in your community and find your very own circus, peeps!







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