Silly Questions!

  • Who was your favorite celebrity as a child?
  • What type of pets do you have?
    I have a long distance silky terrier named Yogi with my mom in Miami, and I live with Molly Millions (originally my boyfriend’s cat). She’s amazing and ridiculously photogenic.
  • What is your favorite color?
    Purple to look at. Black to wear. Brights to knit.
  • What is most memorable about your high school years?
    I was a theater nerd (I’m not just nerdy about knitting….)
  • What word describes you best?
  • What is your greatest accomplishment?
    Following my heart consistently. (CHEESEBALL!)
  • What drives you every day?
    Every day is different, sometimes it’s the beautiful sunshine, sometimes it’s pure ambition, and sometimes it’s being able to crawl into bed to knit at the end of the night!
  • What is your favorite food?
    New York Pizza. None of that deep dish or New Haven B.S. Give me a dollar slice on a paper plate at 2am.
  • Where do you want to retire?
    Granada, Spain … … or if I’m being realistic, wherever my future family ends up.
  • What is your business goal this year?
    Well, I’ve recently gone back to performing so I’d like to continue that. We also may be moving to New Orleans so… that.
  • Where do you like to vacation?
    Tropical islands, Coastal Maine in both summer and winter
  • Who do you admire?
    My mom (*eye roll*, but seriously), Jessica Simpson (her empire, not heeerrr), J.K. Rowling, Rachel Maddow, Mindy Kaling
  • What is your mission?
    To live a full life, to be happy, to share wealth and knowledge, and to stand firmly for the causes I believe in. (Oh goodness, this got real)
  • If you were invisible, where would you go?
    The Academy Awards, The Met (at night!), and maybe crash a few parties
  • What traits in others are you attracted to?
    Humor!, curiosity, honesty, and beards.
  • What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?
    Birthed me. Thanks Ma!
  • How do you want to be remembered?
    Not old enough to think about this, I haven’t done anything yet!
  • What would you do with a million dollars?
    SO MUCH! I’d invest, I’d pay for my college loans, I’d donate, I’d sponsor volunteer missions, I’d build homes, I’d be out of money.
  • If you were on an island, who would you want to be with? Why?
    Rob, my boo. He makes me laugh and then lets me cry if I have to, and he doesn’t mind my constant knitting too much.
  • You have a 10 minute speech to give at a high school, what is it about
    The importance of Arts education in schools!


  1. chelsea.stokes · August 9, 2015

    YAS. Just….YAS!

    Liked by 1 person

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