My Biggest Yarn Store Gripe

Before I get to my mini rant, I need to set this up for you all:

I work weird hours during the week, so come Sunday, I’m ready to have “me” time. This said “me” time, usually involves blowing too much money at a yarn store and me subsequently spending hours staring at it’s squishy-ness before deciding on a project. There is only one problem with this, (my boyfriend, Robert, would argue that there are many problems with this scenario… anyway), YARN STORES HATE BEING OPEN ON SUNDAYS!

Look, I understand that people have families and lives and religious obligations etc. But damn it! Even with my background in theater, I completely understand having an industry wide “dark day”, for resting and catching up with your fellow performers/knitters, but does it have to be Sundays?

Sundays are days that were basically designed specifically for crafting. It’s as if the world slows down and appreciates it all, even the mountains of glitter you leave behind when you’re making Christmas ornaments. Sundays are when my Robert is distracted with Football and I can sit on the couch and pretend to care while I cast on a new shawl. As a knitter I understand why crafters would want to have Sundays off, as a businesswoman I see a niche that is severely under served.

If anyone owns a yarn store and is reading this, I challenge you to run an experiment. Choose a month in the calendar year to open Sundays, advertise the heck out of being open on those four Sundays and gauge how much traffic you receive. I think you might be pleasantly surprised at just how many crafty peeps will visit you.

/end rant.

WIPs  :

Sunlight Shawl for Sad People (RETRY in Madeline Tosh Sock: Jade) 40% completed
Dice Bag (in some unknown wool I found at Commestock and Ferry: yellow) 50% completed
Speed Bump Socks ( Paton’s Kroy: Ragg Stripes : Sock 1) 5% completed
Outdoors (Paton’s Wool in a bunch of colors) 5% completed


Knitting Foibles (#38)

imageGuys, I finally finished my second Flying North sock (on Plymouth Happy Feet in the Crayon color way!) If you happen to have champagne in your hand, I strongly encourage toasting to this achievement. For whatever reason, finishing that second sock for me was like pulling teeth, so completing it feels like a big unicorn poop-colored weight is off my shoulders. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I bound off too tightly! I was convinced that my frustration with this project and it’s inappropriate pooling of colors could not get any worse. Ugh!

I’m in serious need of help/advice/links that could help me fix this problem. As a newbie, it’s discouraging when you’re faced with a problem so late in a project’s needle life, but I’m willing to tackle it, I just need to know how!


Knitting Friendships > Regular Friendships

I am blessed with wonderful friendships. My semi-nomadic lifestyle has left me with a lot of long distance relationships that are rich in history, and serve as little time capsules of who I was when those friendships weren’t so locationally challenged. Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed making others feel appreciated and understood, and yes, I have friends who reciprocate, but for the most part, I’m the thoughtful friend.

Until I was left speechless by a new friend’s kindness this weekend:
Chelsea and I worked together briefly at a bar and bonded over very random things (dance, Vermont, beer, short hair?) We were acquaintances at best, but somewhere along the line we kept running into each other, kept following each other on social media, and then came the knitting posts. Chelsea began posting about her beautiful knitting projects just as I had decided to teach myself how to knit. (In retrospect you may have already been posting stuff, but I only started noticing when I became interested in it?) Our friendship sort of exploded because of those posts. I mean, we’d text every single day about stitches, yarns, podcasts, patterns, stitch markers ETC. to the point where I now consider her a true, lasting friend.

This weekend she came to see me perform in a kid’s show (Freckleface Strawberry), and if it wasn’t enough that she sat through and enjoyed an hour of children’s theater, she brought me a bag of GOODIES. I’m not talking chocolates or flowers or a card, I’m talking a bag of mini skeins that her and her mother wound for me. A bag with a Rose City Rollers pattern, some wonderful handmade soap, and a full skein of Regia for said pattern. I was flabbergasted!

And then I began noticing a trend, knitters are generous, thoughtful humans who enjoy making others feel good! It’s why we knit! I’m so glad I’ve found this community!

TLDR: Knitters make hella good friends, and I’m pretty friggin’ lucky.

When Real Life Gets In The Way

I have not updated in a bit, but worse than admitting that, is admitting that my knitting has suffered due to my overbooked schedule.

I am currently performing in one show while rehearsing another, and while I can get a few rows in here and there during rehearsal, my mind will wander and I will somehow add stitches, drop stitches, and other general fuckery.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for “mindless knitting” projects? I just recently cast on this beautiful scarf featuring a Garter stitch and even so, I’m finding errors left and right. Perhaps I’m better off only knitting when focused.

Also reaching out to the Knittersphere, does anyone know of a beautiful, squishy, tonal (TONAL) baby/barely/pink worsted weight yarn? I’m also open to barely-there-greens or any other slightly washed out, one toned skeins. It’s for said Garter scarf.

For Those of Us Who Secretly Enjoy Frogging…

I have a slightly obsessive personality as it is, and when I first picked up knitting I became a COW (cast-on-whore). Not because I enjoyed beginning new projects, but because I’d get a few rows of stockinette in, and suddenly grow incredibly fearful of messing up. I remember my first dropped stitch like it was yesterday (it was basically yesterday), and I pulled that needle out and began the thrilling act of frogging! HOLY CRAP, it felt amazing! Just taking your frustrations out by erasing all the work you’d just done and starting over.

And then I grew up.

Frogging isn’t always fun, it’s a horrible consequence of f^%@$ing up, but once you move past your feeling of failure, there is a certain beauty in being able to try again. We’re a little wiser, a little more determined, and a little more at peace with our yarn.

I’m not saying we should frog willy nilly, but maybe it’s not such a bad thing to pull a particularly challenging project back a bit, and start over fresh.

Every frog should be a lesson, and lets be honest… it’s kinda fun!

#humblebrag #froggingbrag

A New Knitting Blog (just what we all need!)

Hello everyone! I know that, for now, “everyone” consists of me, my cat Molly, and a very reluctant boyfriend named Robert, but hello nonetheless! I’m Ally of GreenbugKnits.

You can find me on Ravelry as GreenbugsAlly, and Instagram as OhShoot.ItsAlly, but enough about other sites, lets get started on this one.

I am a beginner knitter in the truest sense. I picked up my first set of Michael’s purchased needles about five years ago, did three knit stitches and called it a wash. I took up knitting/crafting again with a fervor after really not enjoying myself the first time around about three months ago, and am hooked… oh puns.

I currently reside in the middle of nowhere Connecticut, but am “from” Brooklyn, NYC. There are quotes around that because I’m really from a bunch of places, but I chose to make New York my home for seven years, so for all intent and purposes, Bushwick, is in fact, home.

I don’t have a favorite colorway, or anything like that, but I can tell you honestly that I detest knitting in dark colors. As a former New Yorker, black and it’s close relatives and I are well acquainted. In fact, I’d venture to say that 80% of my closet consists of blacks, so any pieces I knit to accent my wardrobe are to compliment my beautiful darks, not add to the drab. I also find that as a beginner, it is difficult for me to see and correct my errors in darker colors, and I’m sure with time I’ll develop an appreciation for those rich tones, but for now I will knit with all the unicorn poop skeins I can find.

I don’t know that this will turn into anything serious, or even if I’ll keep up with it, but if you’ve stumbled upon this, thanks for checking it out! I look forward to seeing where this drunken decision leads.

Current WIPs:

The Sunshine Shawl for Sad People by Sylvia Bo Bilvia (Jubilee Yarn Bamboo Wool in 983; Karbonz US size 5) Originally cast on April 27, 2015 Progress: 20%

Flying North Socks by Maria Montzka (Plymouth Happy Feet in Crayon; Addi Sock Rockets US size 1) Originally cast on April 19, 2015. Progress: ONE SOCK COMPLETED!